Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Amazing Pee Scene

It's amazing how getting peed on affects me. It's a bit bizarre. And by bizarre I mean wonderful.

This kitty went to a play party last night at a private home. The woman has an amazing dungeon, with a suspension pit, medical scene room that looks just like a doctor's exam room, and marble wet room.

It's a great space and great people were there, but just way too many. The dungeon was hot and humid and packed. I felt a bit overwhelmed and way too overheated, in a bad way. So my mood started to fall. A lot of people were bailing and I even considered taking off. I did find an empty place to hide for a while and try and rally.

Then, as I was walking through the dungeon one of the presenters for the evening mentioned how much she loves peeing on dirty little sluts. I was like ohhhhh. Then she said that people kept telling her about this citi kittie that likes to be peed on, and who is this citi kittie? It's good to have friends!

I almost fell over before I could say that I was this citi kittie. She smiled and began to tell me how much she enjoys watching her pee hit a little slut's skin and land in his mouth.

Immediately I felt a jolt go through me. My mood changed, I was excited, turned on, focused. It was amazing to me how I went from feeling down and thinking about leaving or at least hiding in a corner to feeling so good.

She told me she'd find me later, when she needed to pee.

I spent the next few hours flirting and kissing, riding my improved mood.

Then she found me and said she had to pee. My heart started racing. We did a quick negotiation of where she would pee; really anywhere except in my mouth. Also, she wanted me to beg for her pee. She said it turned her on more for the person to beg for it. I was willing to oblige ; )

She suggested I strip and I did, in the middle of the dungeon. We went into the wet room and she stripped. She was fairly thin with small boobies and an infectious smile that lit up when she talked about peeing on me. She wore a black Hermes dress that came off quickly. God she was hot. And she was going to pee on me!

She was telling me how excited she was to pee on a naughty slut girl and how she wanted to wash me off when she was done.

I laid down on the bench and asked her to squat over me. She was smiling and calling me a naughty girl, telling me what a hard, throbbing clit I had. I had shaved before the party (of course) and she said she was excited to pee all over my smooth skin.

She was writhing and swinging her hips while I laid under her. I was shaking all over now, begging for her pee. I used to think I shook all while getting peed on because I was in a cold tub, or a cold bathroom. The dungeon, while cooler, was still very warm, and the marble bench was warm as well. No, this was my body shaking in excitement.

Then she let go and peed all over my chest and stomach. She had a landing strip and her pussy opened just a bit as her stream of yellow pee shot out. It flared about, splashing on me, and a bit on her thighs.

She called me a naughty, dirty girl and said I needed her pee to clean me. I just said yes, yes, yes. She peed and peed while I begged for me.

After, I was so hard and turned on, I had to jerk off. She watched, telling me my clit was hard and my pussy was throbbing. I told her what a naughty girl I was and rubbed her pee all over myself. I also smelled it on my fingers, strong, her fluids so close to my face. I came as she smiled down at me.

Then she showered off and showered me off.

And I was flying. Totally high. In a completely different head space than I had been earlier.

And I was just talking away. Even as I was chatting part of my brain was thinking that I was talking too much, but I couldn't stop myself. I was just blah, blah, blah. Like a little kid that gets excited and starts telling the new person all about, well, anything!

We finished showering and kissed. I thanked her probably a million times.

Back in the dungeon my Mistress, my Miss, and my boyfriend were all sitting on the floor chatting with friends. They all stared at me and I did a little happy dance. Literally dancing and wiggling in excitement. As the climax to the 1812 Overture played. Yeah, it was an odd mix for a dungeon, but strangely fitting for that moment in my life. My partners just smiled at me, understanding that this is just one of those things that really get me going.

I flew the rest of the night and had a difficult time sleeping.

Now it's about 12 hours later and I'm still flying. It's really amazing how mood-altering getting peed on is for me.

I need to do this more often!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thoughts on Gender and Halloween

Over the years my relationship with Halloween has become a lot more complicated. As a genderqueer and transgender identified person, it is an odd holiday and can be difficult.

From what I have read, and experienced, for a lot of GQ and trans people, at first Halloween is your favorite holiday. Because it's the one day a year you can dress as your preferred gender and feel safe going out.

And as you get older, it becomes your least favorite holiday. Because it's the only day of the year you can dress as your preferred gender and feel safe going out.

As I have for the last few years, I attended a BDSM/swingers/fetish play party this year. There were a number of people that appeared to be cross dressing. (And even that term is suspect. You aren't cross dressing if you are dressing as your preferred gender. So it's a difficult topic to even discuss.) But several people appeared to be bio males dressed as women. And probably for a variety of reasons.

People dress in the clothes of a different gender for a variety of reasons.

  • It's the clothing of their preferred gender.
  • It gives them an erotic thrill.
  • It's humiliating.
  • It's taboo.
  • It's funny.

And it's hard to know the reasons someone is dressing the way they are.

The DSM makes the distinction between cross dressers and trans people. Cross dressers are the ones who get an erotic thrill from it. But I reject this distinction.

I get an erotic thrill from putting on a corset and miniskirt. But I'm pretty sure most cisgendered women get a thrill from putting on a corset and mini skirt too. It's part of what those clothes are designed to do. Emphasize your sexuality.

But I also prefer to wear women's clothes around the house. And I don't get much of a thrill from wearing women's jeans and a woman's polo shirt.

So I think it's a lot more complicated than pop culture or the DSM will have you believe.

I find it curious that I've never discussed gender with anyone at a play party. Not that play parties are a place where deep issues get delved into, but still, you'd think it'd come up at some point.

Once someone asked me which pronouns I prefer (which was awesome, and I was unsure what to say), but that's about as close as it's come.

This is not an accusation against anyone. I find that I have no idea how to bring it up. I get totally tongue-tied. And I'm usually pretty comfortable talking about any subject. But I have yet to discuss gender with anyone at a party.

I'd like to learn more about some of the folks that seem to be cross dressing, or are GQ, or trans, or, well, I don't actually know. Because I've never talked with them.

Maybe it's because it's still all so new for me.

I've always known I had gender issues, but chose to ignore it for years. Which we all know doesn't work.

But for years the only images of trans people I saw were people who were either the butt of a joke or the victim of a crime. And often in places you wouldn't expect. I loved the movie A Mighty Wind. But Harry Shearer's character ended up being a transexual. Really? Just for a cheap joke at the end of the film. Was that even necassary? No. But it's always good for a laugh. Put a guy in a dress.

And I've avoided the serious movies about trans issues, like Boys Don't Cry. I really have no desire to see a movie where a transperson is killed. The whole idea that this is almost a sub genre sickens me. I know it serves a purpose to educate people about how awful transphobia is and that it should be stopped. But really, it's not something I want to be exposed to. I have enough fear of hatred and violence. I don't need to see it in full color on the big screen.

For that reason I love Ugly Betty. The transsexual character is not a victim and is not a joke. She's a person with a complicated story line. It may not always be the most flattering or accurate portrayal, but at least it's not just a cheap joke or a victim role.

And so it's for similar reasons I have a complicated relationship with the BDSM scene.

In the last few years I've finally started to embrace my gender and get more comfortable with who I am. And that is in large part thanks to the BDSM scene. It's one of the few places I can dress as my preferred gender and go out and feel safe.

Also, from going to play parties and conventions I've learned that there are a lot of people who are attracted to people who are gender variant. I had no idea. As I say, from only watching the mainstream media I assumed everyone hated transpeople. I don't think I've entirely internalized it, but at least I do know that a lot of people are attracted to other forms of gender expression. And that has been very liberating.

But as I say, I'm never quite sure why others are dressing the way they are at parties. Especially at Halloween, when many people dress as a different gender for a laugh or other dismissive reasons.

This year I felt it more than previous years. So I went as a cat. I dressed in leopard print, bell bottom women's pants, a leopard print bra, a lion's tail, lion-paw half-gloves, and a lion hood. So I was both gender queer and species queer : )

I might continue this for future Halloween's—dressing as a cat.

And then, in a couple years, maybe I'll have a post lamenting that no one in the mainstream culture accepts furries and how Halloween is the only time of year you can go out as your preferred anthropomorphic creature and feel safe.