Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Kittie in the Big Citi

First off, "city" and "kitty" were taken. Oh well, kitties can't spell anyway!

Secondly, I'm just a little kittie in the big city!

I'm the owned pet of my Mistress and my Miss. They share me because pet ownership has a lot of responsibilities. I was collared over a year ago at a ceremony during Dark Odyssey Spring Fire. A bunch of our friends were there.

But one thing I've learned in my scant few years in the BDSM scene is that everyone is different and unique. With different desires and motivations and needs. So, what kind of kittie am I?

I'm a citi kittie!

The three of us were visiting friends who have a D/s relationship. After spending a bit of time with them they seemed a bit concerned and/or confused that my owners would kiss me so much, and pet me so much, and didn't have me waiting on them hand and foot.

Finally my Miss explained that I'm not a country pet. She said that a country pet is expected to work on the farm, herd animals, protect the property, make Mojitos, or what have you. And that's fine, but I'm not a country pet, I'm a city pet.

I'm more like a little doggy you dress up in cute little outfits and parade around for everyone to see and admire. Sometimes you have the pet perform tricks. And you demand lots of kisses and lovin's.

It was pretty funny when she said it and pretty true. I'm just a little city pet. More of a show pet. Yes, I do wait on my owners. I try to give them lots of love and attention. And I often cook for them.

But I'm not the kind of pet you dress up in a maid's uniform and expect the place to be spotless three hours later.

I mean, that's a lot of work and I'm just a little kittie!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm a little kittie, living in the big citi, and I'm excited to start blogging about all my naughty adventures.

This will be a place to explore the intersections of sex and sexuality and orientation and gender identity.

I hope you enjoy the ride : )