Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Amazing Pee Scene

It's amazing how getting peed on affects me. It's a bit bizarre. And by bizarre I mean wonderful.

This kitty went to a play party last night at a private home. The woman has an amazing dungeon, with a suspension pit, medical scene room that looks just like a doctor's exam room, and marble wet room.

It's a great space and great people were there, but just way too many. The dungeon was hot and humid and packed. I felt a bit overwhelmed and way too overheated, in a bad way. So my mood started to fall. A lot of people were bailing and I even considered taking off. I did find an empty place to hide for a while and try and rally.

Then, as I was walking through the dungeon one of the presenters for the evening mentioned how much she loves peeing on dirty little sluts. I was like ohhhhh. Then she said that people kept telling her about this citi kittie that likes to be peed on, and who is this citi kittie? It's good to have friends!

I almost fell over before I could say that I was this citi kittie. She smiled and began to tell me how much she enjoys watching her pee hit a little slut's skin and land in his mouth.

Immediately I felt a jolt go through me. My mood changed, I was excited, turned on, focused. It was amazing to me how I went from feeling down and thinking about leaving or at least hiding in a corner to feeling so good.

She told me she'd find me later, when she needed to pee.

I spent the next few hours flirting and kissing, riding my improved mood.

Then she found me and said she had to pee. My heart started racing. We did a quick negotiation of where she would pee; really anywhere except in my mouth. Also, she wanted me to beg for her pee. She said it turned her on more for the person to beg for it. I was willing to oblige ; )

She suggested I strip and I did, in the middle of the dungeon. We went into the wet room and she stripped. She was fairly thin with small boobies and an infectious smile that lit up when she talked about peeing on me. She wore a black Hermes dress that came off quickly. God she was hot. And she was going to pee on me!

She was telling me how excited she was to pee on a naughty slut girl and how she wanted to wash me off when she was done.

I laid down on the bench and asked her to squat over me. She was smiling and calling me a naughty girl, telling me what a hard, throbbing clit I had. I had shaved before the party (of course) and she said she was excited to pee all over my smooth skin.

She was writhing and swinging her hips while I laid under her. I was shaking all over now, begging for her pee. I used to think I shook all while getting peed on because I was in a cold tub, or a cold bathroom. The dungeon, while cooler, was still very warm, and the marble bench was warm as well. No, this was my body shaking in excitement.

Then she let go and peed all over my chest and stomach. She had a landing strip and her pussy opened just a bit as her stream of yellow pee shot out. It flared about, splashing on me, and a bit on her thighs.

She called me a naughty, dirty girl and said I needed her pee to clean me. I just said yes, yes, yes. She peed and peed while I begged for me.

After, I was so hard and turned on, I had to jerk off. She watched, telling me my clit was hard and my pussy was throbbing. I told her what a naughty girl I was and rubbed her pee all over myself. I also smelled it on my fingers, strong, her fluids so close to my face. I came as she smiled down at me.

Then she showered off and showered me off.

And I was flying. Totally high. In a completely different head space than I had been earlier.

And I was just talking away. Even as I was chatting part of my brain was thinking that I was talking too much, but I couldn't stop myself. I was just blah, blah, blah. Like a little kid that gets excited and starts telling the new person all about, well, anything!

We finished showering and kissed. I thanked her probably a million times.

Back in the dungeon my Mistress, my Miss, and my boyfriend were all sitting on the floor chatting with friends. They all stared at me and I did a little happy dance. Literally dancing and wiggling in excitement. As the climax to the 1812 Overture played. Yeah, it was an odd mix for a dungeon, but strangely fitting for that moment in my life. My partners just smiled at me, understanding that this is just one of those things that really get me going.

I flew the rest of the night and had a difficult time sleeping.

Now it's about 12 hours later and I'm still flying. It's really amazing how mood-altering getting peed on is for me.

I need to do this more often!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thoughts on Gender and Halloween

Over the years my relationship with Halloween has become a lot more complicated. As a genderqueer and transgender identified person, it is an odd holiday and can be difficult.

From what I have read, and experienced, for a lot of GQ and trans people, at first Halloween is your favorite holiday. Because it's the one day a year you can dress as your preferred gender and feel safe going out.

And as you get older, it becomes your least favorite holiday. Because it's the only day of the year you can dress as your preferred gender and feel safe going out.

As I have for the last few years, I attended a BDSM/swingers/fetish play party this year. There were a number of people that appeared to be cross dressing. (And even that term is suspect. You aren't cross dressing if you are dressing as your preferred gender. So it's a difficult topic to even discuss.) But several people appeared to be bio males dressed as women. And probably for a variety of reasons.

People dress in the clothes of a different gender for a variety of reasons.

  • It's the clothing of their preferred gender.
  • It gives them an erotic thrill.
  • It's humiliating.
  • It's taboo.
  • It's funny.

And it's hard to know the reasons someone is dressing the way they are.

The DSM makes the distinction between cross dressers and trans people. Cross dressers are the ones who get an erotic thrill from it. But I reject this distinction.

I get an erotic thrill from putting on a corset and miniskirt. But I'm pretty sure most cisgendered women get a thrill from putting on a corset and mini skirt too. It's part of what those clothes are designed to do. Emphasize your sexuality.

But I also prefer to wear women's clothes around the house. And I don't get much of a thrill from wearing women's jeans and a woman's polo shirt.

So I think it's a lot more complicated than pop culture or the DSM will have you believe.

I find it curious that I've never discussed gender with anyone at a play party. Not that play parties are a place where deep issues get delved into, but still, you'd think it'd come up at some point.

Once someone asked me which pronouns I prefer (which was awesome, and I was unsure what to say), but that's about as close as it's come.

This is not an accusation against anyone. I find that I have no idea how to bring it up. I get totally tongue-tied. And I'm usually pretty comfortable talking about any subject. But I have yet to discuss gender with anyone at a party.

I'd like to learn more about some of the folks that seem to be cross dressing, or are GQ, or trans, or, well, I don't actually know. Because I've never talked with them.

Maybe it's because it's still all so new for me.

I've always known I had gender issues, but chose to ignore it for years. Which we all know doesn't work.

But for years the only images of trans people I saw were people who were either the butt of a joke or the victim of a crime. And often in places you wouldn't expect. I loved the movie A Mighty Wind. But Harry Shearer's character ended up being a transexual. Really? Just for a cheap joke at the end of the film. Was that even necassary? No. But it's always good for a laugh. Put a guy in a dress.

And I've avoided the serious movies about trans issues, like Boys Don't Cry. I really have no desire to see a movie where a transperson is killed. The whole idea that this is almost a sub genre sickens me. I know it serves a purpose to educate people about how awful transphobia is and that it should be stopped. But really, it's not something I want to be exposed to. I have enough fear of hatred and violence. I don't need to see it in full color on the big screen.

For that reason I love Ugly Betty. The transsexual character is not a victim and is not a joke. She's a person with a complicated story line. It may not always be the most flattering or accurate portrayal, but at least it's not just a cheap joke or a victim role.

And so it's for similar reasons I have a complicated relationship with the BDSM scene.

In the last few years I've finally started to embrace my gender and get more comfortable with who I am. And that is in large part thanks to the BDSM scene. It's one of the few places I can dress as my preferred gender and go out and feel safe.

Also, from going to play parties and conventions I've learned that there are a lot of people who are attracted to people who are gender variant. I had no idea. As I say, from only watching the mainstream media I assumed everyone hated transpeople. I don't think I've entirely internalized it, but at least I do know that a lot of people are attracted to other forms of gender expression. And that has been very liberating.

But as I say, I'm never quite sure why others are dressing the way they are at parties. Especially at Halloween, when many people dress as a different gender for a laugh or other dismissive reasons.

This year I felt it more than previous years. So I went as a cat. I dressed in leopard print, bell bottom women's pants, a leopard print bra, a lion's tail, lion-paw half-gloves, and a lion hood. So I was both gender queer and species queer : )

I might continue this for future Halloween's—dressing as a cat.

And then, in a couple years, maybe I'll have a post lamenting that no one in the mainstream culture accepts furries and how Halloween is the only time of year you can go out as your preferred anthropomorphic creature and feel safe.

Monday, November 24, 2008

What Is Citi Kittie's Gender?

I've never felt like the other boys. I've always felt different from them, from as far back as I can remember. But I've never had an overwhelming feeling of having the wrong body. I read about transsexuals and how many or most felt like they had the wrong body, but their stories didn't resonate for me. And for years I thought the only options were male or female and some people were transsexuals, meaning, in my mind, that they transitioned physically from one to the other.

Because of my limited view on the topic of gender I tried to ignore it. I identified my sexuality as bisexual and let it go at that.

Then, in the last couple of years, I started learning about transgender and that transgender could mean more than just feeling like a girl in a boy's body, or vice versa. It could mean you're a boy who's a boy in a different way from most of the other boys. Or a girl but in a way that's different from most of the other girls. Or it could be a boy in a girls body, or vice versa.

So I started exploring my gender more.

Sometimes I see gender very biologically. And I think that I'm a guy because I have a penis. And just because my personality traits are different from most men in my culture doesn't detract from the fact that I'm a guy. Because I have a penis, by definition, guys also have the personality traits that I have. From this perspective, I'm a guy, just not like most of the other guys in my culture.

But other times I see it more culturally. That there are a set of traits that define male and female and I have more traits like a female than a male, so therefore, I'm female. I know I feel more at home with most women. From this perspective I feel like a girl with penis.

I know I still don't want to transition. I really salute the people who have done that. I'm not sure I could handle it. And I'm not sure I still wouldn't feel different. I think I'd be a pretty queer girl.

Then I learned about GenderQueer, which Wikipedia defines as, "a catchall term for gender identities other than man or woman. People who identify as genderqueer may think of themselves as being both a man and a woman, as being neither a man nor a woman, or as falling completely outside the gender binary."

I was like AH HA! I'm GenderQueer. I really enjoy playing with gender, gender bending, and exploring various other genders. One thing I really like about the Dark Odyssey group is that it's a safe place to not only explore my sexuality, but also my gender.

And I generally say that I'm 'out' as being GenderQueer because I see it as such an integral part of my personality. Most people who get to know me learn pretty quickly that I'm not like most other guys. And even at work, I'll make jokes or what not that let people know I'm different.

Like one of my female coworkers was trying to open a beer bottle and couldn't get it. I said, "Do you need a man to help you with that? Because I can call Alex, I think he's here today." Hee hee. It really amuses me.

And there have been times where I've been basically accepted as a woman. I worked at a Girl Scout camp and was one of just two guys on staff. The other counselors, and the campers, all accepted me as a girl. The campers even called me "she" and "her" and sometimes even "mom." I wasn't trying to present as a woman, and sometimes didn't shave and had a bit of a beard. And I know some of the campers were just used to calling everyone "she" since there were so few guys. But I know some of them say me as a woman.

So I say I'm GenderQueer and Transgender and sometimes I'll say I'm a girl with a penis. Sometimes I appropriate the term BOI, which more usually refers to a queer woman presenting more as a man. And lately I've been reading about MTFTM. A man who is really a woman, who presents more as a man. It's all really fascinating.

In my triad we sometimes joke that my Mistress is the girl with the looks, my Miss is the girl with the smarts, and I'm the girl with the penis. Obviously my Miss is beautiful, and my Mistress is very smart, but it's amusing to us and makes us feel like super heroes.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Triggers and Safewords: A Tale of Two Blowjobs

There's a complex relationship between abuse and arousal. I think the first books I read on the subject were Nancy Friday's, where she talked about how some people who were abused will later want to play out those same roles as a way to take control of the situation. And get really turned on as well.

I'm still not so sure about my childhood, but I know I was in an emotionally abusive relationship as an adult. So it doesn't surprise me that humiliation scenes really turn me on.

The thing is, for a scene to be really hot it has to be fake. Because if it's real, then it's abuse. It's like when you go to a slasher movie. You'll feel a lot of fear. But if you know it's fake, then you can enjoy the fear. If someone pulls a real knife on you in an alley, then it's real. So you feel the fear, but it's not fun.

During camp I had two blowjob scenes that involved humiliation. I didn't negotiate before either. Which can be a bad thing. It means you aren't sure what you are getting yourself into. It means the other person doesn't know your boundaries. It means you aren't sure what the other person has in mind, or where they are coming from.

It means, you may not be sure if what is happening is fake, or real.

One of them was at the brothel, where I was hired to blow another whore. I wrote about this earlier. I went out on the lawn and begged to suck his cock. He called me names and I told him I was his naughty little girl.

He grabbed my head, shoved his cock down my throat, and called me a bitch. And a lot of other nasty words.

But a couple of times he leaned down and, in a sweet and caring voice, asked if I was doing OK. That helped me know that what was happening was fake. Which meant that I could enjoy it.

When a BDSM scene goes really well you end up in a place called sub space or top space or The Happy Place. When a scene goes bad, I end up in a place I call The Bad Place.
Things are not so good in The Bad Place. As the name might imply.

After this scene I was really flying in subspace. I was super-chatty. In fact, I couldn't shut up and had to go for a walk to calm myself down.

The second blowjob was on a different night. I'd just met the woman and we had chatted briefly in the dungeon. We were joking around and she seemed fun and a bit snarky.

We walked down to the sexorama for an orgy. At the orgy I suggested a friend suck off the woman. She did and it was pretty hot. The woman was sort of cooing to the girl who was sucking her off. She petted her head and seemed to really enjoy being blown.

It really turned me on to watch, and I really wanted to blow the woman too.

When they were done we went out on the porch and I asked if I could blow her. She sort of looked me up and down and said I could if I wanted to. So I got on my knees and started sucking her cock.

While I was working her she made a few humiliating comments. At one point she asked if I was enjoying it because it wasn't doing anything for her. She made a few other, similar comments, indicating I wasn't doing a very good job. And then she chatted with the people standing next to her on the porch, completing ignoring me and what I was doing.

And it got me wondering. Were we doing a humiliation scene? Or were her emotions genuine? Was she into it and wanted to humiliate me? Or was she trying to be deliberately mean and dismissive?

We hadn't negotiated. We hadn't discussed a safeword. So I had no way to know what was going on.

And really, I didn't need to safeword in that situation, I could have just stopped sucking her. I wasn't tied up. I wasn't physically restrained in any way. I could have stood up and walked off.

And part of me wanted to do that. But part of me wanted to get her to like it. To do a good job blowing her.

But that didn't happen. She never showed any sign that she was enjoying it. And progressively paid less attention to me, until there wasn't any connection between the two of us. Aside from my mouth on her cock. So eventually I just stopped.

After this scene I think I was in The Bad Place. I felt withdrawn and a bit ashamed of myself, though I wasn't sure why. Another feature of The Bad Place is that I am super critical of myself. Partly I was feeling like I had done something wrong. Like I shouldn't have done the scene, or I should have negotiated first.

And partly I was feeling like I was unattractive, undesirable, as in, why would she want me to suck her off? Who was I for thinking she'd want me to do that?

I went back in the sexorama and just sat by myself, listening to other people have orgasms.

I'm not saying she abused me, but I think the scene ended up being abusive. I now think that, if you are unsure if what you are doing is a scene or not, then it's not a scene.

I saw her the next day and she was chatty and pleasant to me. So I guess she didn't want to cause me harm the night before.

But I'm still unsure.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Slutty Kittie in the Village Voice

You know that this slutty kitty likes to get around. But I never thought I'd wind up in the Village Voice!

Oh, it's very exciting for such a little kitty.

I'm in Tristan Taormino's column Pucker Up. I'm mentioned by my scene name, Pink Pet. And, since I'm tooting my own horn, I'm sure you'll recognize in the column, from my previous blogs, my servicing of Wendy, the menu I created, and Tristan's "hiring" me to service another whore.

In addition to drawing attention to myself, I mention this because I think it's awesome that she refers to me using both male and female pronouns. I feel so gender outlaw. Wow!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Night at the Brothel, Part 2

I was “working” the brothel at Dark Odyssey summer camp, dressed in a corset and tight mini skirt, fishnet thigh highs and little leather, high heel boots. After several clients, I was feeling like a very naughty girl.

And then the host of the event, Tristan, and her partner walked up and asked for a menu. They read it over together, whispering behind the card.

What did they want? Did they want to play with me? Did they know someone they were going to recommend play with me? I was almost shaking in anticipation.

Then she told my Miss, who was acting as my pimp, that she wanted to hire me. I couldn't believe it. She quickly said that she was hiring me to play with another whore and suggested we go outside where it was cooler.

Who was the other whore? I tried looking around but couldn't see who it was in the mass of people filling the brothel.

My Mistress was on the porch and she joined us as we headed outside. And that's when I saw him. The other whore. He was short and thin, and oh so hot. He had an eager, hungry look in his eyes.

We arrived on the lawn in front of the row of cabins. Our client said she wanted me to give the guy a blow job. I got on my knees, my fishnets digging into my skin. It's a great feeling, down there, feeling the bite of fabric, reminding me of my place.

The guy, I didn't even know his name, smiled down at me as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was non-bio, long, not too thick, hard and ready. He pulled out a condom and told me to put it on.

As I unrolled the condom down his cock our client leaned in and said, “And I want some begging.” Tapping the menu she added, “It's on the menu!”

I looked up at him. “Please let me suck your cock. Oh god, please.”

“You really want it?”

“Oh yes, please. Please! I need it down my throat.”

I don't know how many people were watching as I leaned forward and licked his cock. I licked, I sucked, I begged some more, and then I slid my mouth down the shaft.

I moved one hand to his crotch, behind the base of his cock, to try and rub him and transmit feeling more directly to his clit. As I sucked I made sure I was rocking there as well. He grabbed my head and told me I was doing a good job as he rammed in further down my throat.

Opening my throat, I took his cock down further, deep throating him. I felt the familiar pain and thrill of having something so big so deep inside my body. I gagged. My eyes teared up. I pulled back and let some spit drip off my lips as I stared up at him.

“What a good bitch. Take it, take it.”

“I need your cock, I need it so bad.”

From the corner of my eyes I could see lots of people were watching. I didn't care. I did care. I wanted everyone watching, and yet it was just the two of us. On the lawn. This was where I belonged, servicing someone, getting him off.

He rammed it down my throat again and again. Jamming it into me. Grunting. Telling me I was a good whore. Then he paused, looked down with concern on his face and in a soft voice asked, “Are you OK?”

I paused and looked up. I told him I was fine, it was going great. He smiled and then jammed it back down my throat, all aggression and need once more.

Finally he started to spasm and jerk and held my head tight to his cock. He moaned and held my head still.

“Oh, that was good,” he smiled.

That's when Tristan said she wanted a snowball ending. The guy and I looked at each other. We looked at his non-bio cock. We looked back at our client. Huh?

“Fake it!” she said.

Well, the customer is always right. So back we went. He declared that he did need to cum again so I slid my mouth down his cock.

I pulled back and looked up at him. He smiled again, one hand on the base of his cock, one on the back of my head, ready to shove it into me once more.

“Am I your dirty little girl?” I asked. Just saying it made me feel weak.

His eyes lit up. “Yes! Yes you are! And now I'm that much closer to cumming!”

That did it, I was gone. I was a girl. On her knees. Sucking a guy's cock. I was his girl, his bitch, alive only to get him off.

I took it deeper. All the way down. I gagged. I drooled. I wanted as much as he could give. I wanted whatever he had, deep in my throat, deep in my body.

He looked gone too. He threw his head back. He yelled. He grunted. And then he rammed it further down.


He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up a bit. We kissed. I think we both looked over to our client to make sure she was pleased.

She smiled and clapped. I collapsed.

He disappeared into the crowd.

My Mistress and Miss rushed over to help me up. I asked them to take me back to the cabin. I was done. Nothing could top that.

My throat was sore, my knees hurt, my outfit was askew.

Back at the cabin, I sat on the porch with some friends and babbled on and on about what a great time I'd had. I'm sure I was a bore, but I couldn't shut up. I was still flying. Still a naughty girl that had just sucked off a hot guy. Wow.

And I still didn't know his name.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where's Citi Kittie Now?

As you know, your slutty kitty likes to get around. To naughty parties and sexy conventions and adult bookstores and coffee shops. (What? This kitty loves a creamy latte.) But did you know that Citi Kittie has been getting around the blogosphere too?

Here's one place I snuck off too. The beautiful and sexy and wonderful Sarah Sloane's blog. She quoted this frisky kittie's thoughts about what it is that makes someone sexy. A topic I think about often.

The post is called Sexy is as Sexy Does. Her post also appears over at Best Sex, which, I have to say, if you aren't reading you probably should be. But if you're reading me, then you are probably quite well-read in the sex blogosphere.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Night at the Brothel, Part 1

Being a sex-worker is a long-time fantasy of mine. I actually discussed it with my high school guidance counselor. He was very rational about it and we discussed the pros and cons. The biggest con being that it is illegal. So that has certainly held me back. I have no interest in breaking the law.

So when I was asked to "work" in the brothel at Dark Odyssey Summer Camp I, actually, had a few reservations.

I love the idea of being seen as a sex object or a fetish object. That is a real turn on for me. But I like to have some sort of connection with the person. I want the person to want me for me. Or at least want my body because they get turned on by it.

For example, gang bang scenes don't do much for me. If the woman is laying there letting any cock take her, then she doesn't really care if it is me. That just leaves me cold.

But at the same time, I like creating situations that break down the barriers that keep people from connecting sexaully. At a club or even a play party, there is usually a certain amount of small talk and flirting that takes place. Oh, you know this kitty loves flirting, but I also love when that barrier is removed and you can get right to the lust.

Another reason I enjoy being seen as a sex object is that it reverses the traditional gender roles. Being male-bodied, I'm often expected to make the first move. I'm genderqueer and my sexuality is much more femme, so I often prefer to be propositioned, as opposed to making the proposition. In general this doesn't usually work out. But being a whore would allow me to take on a more receptive role, a more traditionally female role. I saw that it could help me feel more like a girl and be accepted as a girl.

At the same time, I'm not a real heavy player, so I was concerned about boundaries and safety.

The madam told me that many of the whores have dates set up ahead of time. And some of them even make up business cards.

Once she said that, I realized I could use my time in the brothel as a way to suggest play dates with people. I often have a hard time transitioning from flirting to suggesting a play date. I get shy. Or I worry I'll offend. Or that I'll be seen as creepy. Or I just overthink it.

This would be a great way to let people know I was interested in playing with them. I could give them a card and tell them to come by when I was working, if they were interested.

So I made business cards with my name on one side and an appointment card on the back. I put little stickers on them: pink hearts and flowers and cowboy boots and the like.

On Friday and Saturday I gave out a few cards and told people I'd be at the brothel. My Miss wanted to join in too, so she decided to be my pimp. That way, if someone showed up that I didn't want to play with, she could just tell them no. My Mistress was also floating around, ready to assist if there was a problem. There was also the madam and security for the brothel. I was a very safe kitty.

I also came up with a menu of activities I'd be comfortable doing with most people. Again, I'm not a real heavy player and I was worried I'd blank on things to do while working.

On the menu that night was:

  • Making out
  • Making out with fondling/groping
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Body worship
  • Oral pleasure
  • Begging
  • Tickling
  • Light spanking
  • Watersports

The brothel was in the sexorama, in the fucking room. The lights were low, the sheets and drapes were dark red. People were milling about, a few were already having sex when I arrived. I was dressed in a corset and tight mini skirt, fishnet thigh highs and little leather, high heel boots.

Things started slow. My booth had a sex swing. I stood there, with my hands on the swing, smiling at the customers. The room filled up with people quickly but no one was talking to me. I started to wonder what was worse, having people I'm not interested in proposition me. Or having no one proposition me.

But soon people started talking to me, and I'd hand them a menu. It allowed the customers and I to discuss what was on the menu versus someone trying to talk me into something I didn't feel comfortable doing. And the customers found it amusing and fun that I had a menu.

Finally a friend looked over my menu and said, "Let's make out."

That got me really excited. She's super hot and crazy sexy. And the fact that she just walked up and said, "Let's make out" was such a turn on.

We started kissing and then I groped her some, my fingers making their way up her skirt. It was a tight hobble skirt, but I managed to get my fingers rubbing her between her legs, over her clothing. Oh, I loved kissing her and rubbing her. She was responding nicely. I think I was doing a good job.

I really get kind of high providing service and making people happy. She seemed to really enjoy it as well.

After her it was a bit of a blur. I had a steady stream of customers for almost an hour and 45 minutes. The first woman's boyfriend showed up. He's very hot and has extremely soft skin. He's delighful to rub and kiss and touch. We made out and then I sat him in the sling and got his pants off. I sucked his cock for a while. He didn't cum, but said he really enjoyed it.

A very hot dyke stopped by and had me suck off her non-bio cock. I love deep throating and I'm very attracted to her, so that was really hot for me. And it was a huge ego-boost that she wanted to play with me.

A hot woman stopped by with a huge cock. It was so big it couldn't take a regular condom. Luckily, she brought her own. I did my best to suck her off.

Throughout the night, I really tried to emphasize the role-play aspect of being a whore. And me being a girl. While I was with this one woman and her massive cock, I kept yelling out, "Oh my god, you're so big!" The brothel was pretty quiet, so it was rather dramatic. Or at least noisey. It also got her to say things like, "Take it bitch," which I found really hot.

Another woman I flirt with at every event stopped by and we fooled around.

And a cute boy showed up for a spanking. I like spanking in the sex rooms and making out in the dungeon. It's just fun to flaunt conventions like that.

Because they were all people I knew, my pimp didn't charge a lot for me. And that was fine. The amount of money didn't really do much for me. It was fake money anyway, so the amount really didn't matter. But the idea of exchanging something for my sexual services, wow, that was hot.

So my pimp, standing there, taking money from people and then me servicing them. Gods. It was fantastic. I felt like such a naughty girl. It was a great night.

And then the host of the event and her partner walked up and asked for a menu. And that's when my night went from a 10 to an 11.

To be continued . . .

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kittie in the Citi is Now Syndicated for LiveJournal

For all my LiveJournal users, you can now have Kittie in the Citi appear right on your LJ. Just click the link below and then select Add.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Petting Zoo

As I’ve mentioned, I can be a bit shy about asking people for play dates. I enjoy flirting, but trying to take the flirting to the next level sometimes seems so very hard. I know I usually just over think it. But still.

So that is one of the reasons that I enjoy situations that break down that barrier between just chatting and getting physical. Like when I put on slutty clothes and turn myself into a fetish object (see previous post) or when I role-play as a whore in a brothel (see future post) or when I play as a kitty (see this post).

My Mistress, my Miss, and I ran the petting zoo at this year’s Dark Odyssey Summer Camp again. I went as a pink kitty, with kitty ears, a pink striped halter-top, pink lace panties, pink knee socks, and pink Converse high tops. And a black fox tail with a white tip attached to a butt plug. Mmmmm.

This year we had a bunch of metal cages in addition to the fencing we put up to pen in the animals. The weather was fairly hot and people were slow to arrive. I thought it was going to be a bust because there were almost no people after 10 minutes.

But then lots of people started showing up, so I got down on all fours and my Miss attached a bright pink lead to my collar and led me around.

As soon as I’m a kitty my relationship to everyone changes. And their relationship to me changes. I can walk up to people and rub against them. Most people smile and lean down and pet me. I love this.

Instant touching and being touched. No small talk. No awkward silences. No wondering what the other person is thinking. Just me purring and the person smiling and petting me.

Once I’m in kitty space I notice things differently. And I react differently. Like when the doggies started coming up to me, barking. I avoided them the way a cat would, by slinking away. When that didn’t work I’d hiss and flail my claws. (Hmm, maybe I should try that in the real world when someone is bothering me.)

But mostly I got lots of pets. I went up to people I didn’t know and rubbed their legs. They fed me treats. (I know why so many house pets are overweight.) I climbed into a few laps. That was hot, rubbing my head against legs, thighs, crotches, bellies. People smiling and then commenting on what a naughty kitty I was. A few times a hand would push me away from rubbing against some body part or other, but it was always gentle. So I’d just rub and paw other parts.

I also played with some of the other kitties. One kitty was dressed so sexy, in a leather mini skirt and a little tail. I approached slowly and mewed. She mewed back so I rubbed my face against hers. She purred and mewed. I licked her skin, tasting the salt on her neck and face.

Getting excited, I climbed over the short fence to be in the pen with her. Here was someone I’d never met before, didn’t even know her name, and I was rubbing and purring and pawing her. And she was rubbing and purring and pawing me.

We licked each other, we kissed, we mewed. Then she presented her rump.

I have to say, I was a bit thrown for a moment. I asked myself, what would a kitty do? And then thought, wait, she wants to mate? Srsly?

All the mewing and licking and pawing had me quite hard, so I got behind her and jumped up, putting my front legs on her back. I humped her leather mini skirt, imagining I was doing more, my hard cock rubbing against her through the thin fabric of my lace panties.

I was so turned on. She was turned on, humping back against me. I pushed and humped, not even bothering to look around, not even aware of what anyone else was doing or saying. I leaned down and bit her neck and she purred. I think a few people commented on the naughty kitties.

After a few minutes she hissed and jumped away, running to the far corner of the pen. She lay down and began to lick her paws. I took that as my cue to go.

(I didn’t see her after the petting zoo and I don’t think I spoke with her later either. Just a moment of humping at the petting zoo, though I will try and chat her up if I see her at another event. But will it be the same, using words together?)

I pawed my way around to some of the other animals and people. I rubbed up against a really hot girl I knew. She started petting me and telling me what a pretty kitty I was. Then she noticed my tail and started pulling on it.

Oh my. She was the only one to grab my tail that day, but it was so nice. She pulled it, she pushed it, she wiggled it. I purred and rubbed against her more. She smiled and told me I was a dirty kitty, but kept playing with my tail. I put my rump in the air and mewed. It’s so wonderful being a kitty.

There were other wonderful people I snuggled. And lots of treats fed to me. But after 90 minutes I was exhausted.

I forgot my knee pads and my knees were bright red. They stayed red for over a day. They are still scabbed over as I’m writing this. I’d also forgotten sunscreen. Even though we were in the shade, I had a good burn on my shoulders. The heat was also getting to me.

And the tail. Oh that tail. The plug is a good size for me. Every time I move, it moves inside me, rubbing me. So it was kind of like being slowly fucked in the ass for 90 minutes.

And also, as much as I love attention and love being touched, 90 minutes of non-stop petting and cooing and focused attention was almost too much.

I retreated to the cabin and hid in the shower for a while. I just needed to be away from people.

But I guess that’s how real kitties are too. Sometime they run off and hide. And then, when they are ready, the come back for more.

I’m ready . . .

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Non-Bio Cock Gang Bang

One of the events we planned at Summer Camp this year was a non-bio cock gangbang for my Mistress. She sent out invites to several women beforehand and then chatted with women about it at camp.

My Miss was there too. I really wanted to participate in some way as well. I thought it’d be fun to be a fluffer. I didn’t want to force my way into the scene if she and the other women didn’t want a kitty like me there. But my Mistress thought it was a great idea. I decided I’d just ask if anyone wanted fluffing. I figured that wouldn’t be off-putting.

Friday night my Mistress and Miss headed off. I think I was still finalizing my outfit. I spent a lot of camp making sure my outfits were just right. Cause I’m that kind of kitty.

I found them in the Sexorama in a back room of the fucking room. Even though I arrived at the agreed-upon time, it had already begun. I guess everyone was eager….

So I walked in to see my Mistress on the bed, on her knees, with a woman fucking her with a strap on. It was crazy hot. My Mistress was moaning, the woman was moaning. In addition, my Miss and two other women were watching. The two women were getting their harnesses on.

It was such a hot scene. There was my Mistress getting it on and then the rest of us alternately watching and making small talk.

I was a bit disappointed that I had arrived late because I really would have liked to have fluffed the first women. The idea of getting on my knees, looking up at her, and sliding her cock into my mouth, wow.

The first woman was about done and the second woman was getting ready to start, so I offered my fluffing services to the woman who was third in line.

I guess you should know a couple things to help you better understand my feelings about giving blowjobs. I can dislocate my jaw. It sort of pops in and out very easily. This means I can take a lot of girth.

I also sort of get off on the gag reflex. The more I gag the more turned on I get, until I have sort of a throat orgasm. The drooling and watering eyes just adds to it. So I was very excited when the third woman said yes to my offer.


I got on my knees, my fishnet thigh highs digging into my skin a bit, and slid a condom onto her cock. It was thick, it was already hard, it was silicone. And it was strapped on to a really hot woman.

I looked up at her and licked the tip. This made her smile. Oh she had sweet eyes and such a nice little smile. Then I slid it into my mouth. I took it down and started sucking in and out, in and out. I had one hand on the cock and pressed my other hand against her panties, rubbing her pussy over the fabric. As I sucked I tried to mimic the thrusting with my hand to help transmit the feelings to her clit.

I could still hear my Mistress moaning and watched as the first woman finished and the second one started. The first woman smiled as she stepped over me to get to the door and take off her harness. It was a cramped room. All the sounds and people adding to the heat.

Then the first of many guys showed up, demanding to enter the room and … look for the fuse box.

Apparently, one of the cabins had blown a fuse and most of the cabins were dark. Well, the room had fabric stapled to the walls, but we were pretty sure there was no fuse box in there.

My Miss shooed them away as I kept sucking and my Mistress kept fucking.

The second woman wore out and needed to stop. My Mistress was laying sort of flopped on her back, looking exhausted. The third woman asked if she wanted more and my Mistress sort of waved with what little energy she had left, saying, “Y-yes, yes.”

The third woman left my mouth and headed to my Mistress’ pussy.

I approached the fourth woman. She’s someone I’ve been flirting with at events for a while now but never played much with. She had her harness out and was already hard. I snuggled her a bit and then asked if I could fluff her. She agreed and I went back to my knees. Such a nice position.

My Mistress was moaning and the third woman was groaning as the fucking continued on the bed. I put on a condom and started sucking the fourth woman’s cock. Mmmm. It’s such a hot way to connect with someone. Feeling an extension of who she is deep inside my throat as I moaned and groaned on her, pushing her cock back into her body, sending the feeling back into her pussy. My eyes were watering as I took the cock deep into my throat.

“IS THERE A FUSE BOX IN HERE?” Wow is that a good way to kill a mood. But my Mistress barely noticed as my Miss once again shooed the guy away. A few more people walked by and glanced in. I kept sucking.

The fucking had been going on for about 40 minutes and the third woman looked worn out. She pulled out and my Mistress sort of looked around dazed, on another plane of existence. “Are you OK sweetie?” asked my Miss. “Y-yes,” she said. “Do you want more?” “Wah, y-yes. More, more.”

The fourth woman headed over and started fucking. Her small frame pounding into my Mistress’s body. Both of them moaning.

“IS THERE A FUSE BOX IN HERE?” Now it was one of the event organizers. No, no, no, there is no fuse box in here! My Miss politely told him so. He glanced around the room, took in the scene, and then left.

The fifth woman and her boyfriend arrived. My Miss and I greeted them and we all started snuggling and caressing as we watched my Mistress getting fucked.

The fifth woman’s boyfriend is such an adorable cutie. He and I make out almost every chance we get. And tonight was no different. I started kissing and caressing him while his girlfriend watched. She likes to watch.

The four of us kept going back and forth, watching my Mistress and the fourth woman and caressing and fondling each other.

My Mistress had now been fucking for about an hour and the fourth woman had to tag out. My Mistress could barely talk, her eyes were rolled back in her head, she couldn’t really move. When the fifth woman asked if she wanted more she raised one hand and sort of waved her in. Unable to speak, but still wanting more sex, that’s my Mistress!

So the fifth woman went to the end of the bed and started fucking my Mistress. I kept making out with the boyfriend. Oh he’s hot. He was fondling me and I was fondling him. In his pants.

But I needed more. I undid his pants and started rubbing his cock as we kissed. It was pretty hot kissing him and rubbing his cock while we both watched his girlfriend fucking my Mistress. I was ready to suck him off too, but he said he was too tired. Apparently, he’d just been using it with his girlfriend. Damn those bio cocks, they aren’t always hard! I see this as a serious limitation, but I still like them. I said I’d get him later.

It had now been about an hour and 15 minutes. The fifth girl had had enough. My Mistress probably could have taken more, but we decided she should rest. We got her some water and then helped her back to our cabin.

I think all the women commented on how much effort it takes to fuck someone. And had a bit more of an appreciation for the effort guys have to make when fucking. Granted, I think those with bio cocks get a bit more immediate feedback and enjoyment, but still, it is a lot of work!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remember to Pee Before Breakfast

Saturday morning at Dark Odyssey Summer Camp I got up late and headed down to breakfast in my pajamas. The night before I had attended 5 Minute Dating and met some lovely people. Walking up the hill returning from breakfast was one of them.

She was wearing a bathrobe and bunny ears. I walked up to her and petted her ears. I was wearing my pink leather collar with a heart shaped tag on it. It read, “whore” and “pee on me.”

She read the tag and looked at me, “Are you a whore?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Can I pee on you?”


She looked at me with her blue, blue eyes and asked, “Can I pee on you now?”

My heart was already racing. “Yes.”

“Really, right now? I haven’t peed yet this morning.”

“So it’s all dark and nasty.”

”Yeah, it will be very dirty.”

It was like time had slowed down. “You can pee on me right now.”

“ Where should we do it?”

“Not out in the open?” I suggested we go up behind a nearby cabin. She liked that idea.

I think I was already in subspace. My cock has getting hard. My cock was getting hard just from her suggesting she go pee on me. I couldn’t believe any of this was happening.

We walked beside a cabin and I got undressed. She opened her robe to reveal her smoking hot body. Her beautiful breasts, her lovely skin. Wow. I lay down and she squatted over my stomach.

“I don’t know, I’ve never done this before.”

“Do you want me to beg?”

“Oh yes, I want you to beg.”

“Oh please, please, please pee on me.”

I was staring at her pussy inches above my stomach, my naked body under hers.

She started calling me names in such a loving, gentle way. The kind of domination that drives me crazy.

“You’re so dirty, aren’t you.”

”Oh yes, god, I’m such a dirty kitty.”

“I don’t think you even deserve my pee.”

“No please, please, please pee on me.”

“Where do you want it?”

“All over me, please, on my stomach, on my chest.”

She relaxed, closed her eyes, but nothing. It almost didn’t matter. I was flying, totally gone, lost somewhere.

Some people talk about how they love getting pierced and the needle will take them into subspace. For others it happens after 15 minutes of flogging. For me, just tell me you’re going to pee on me.

“I don’t know, I don’t know if I can. Are you sure you want it?”

I was staring into her eyes and then back to her pussy. I closed my eyes. “Please, please, I know I don’t deserve, but please, please pee on me.”

“It’s going to smell.”

“Oh god yes.”

She grabbed her water bottle and drank the whole thing. Then she squatted over me again and closed her eyes.

A single drop fell on my belly.


I was almost panting.

“Look at that, look at how dirty you are.”

“I know, I know, I’m so dirty. I’m such a dirty kitty.”

I looked down, more pee. Her pee was dripping onto my belly and then stopped.

“Oh, it’s smelly. You’re so dirty.”

I was rubbing her body, up her sides, across her breasts, down her arms. I pinched her nipples and she told me to do it more. I pinched and twisted them. She moaned.

And then it happened. As I was pinching and twisting her nipples a dark yellow stream flowed down onto my stomach. She moved up a bit to my chest and it poured onto me and down my sides.

I stared at the stream, unable to look away. The only thing in the world was she and I and that stream of pee.


When she was done she squatted next to me. I put my fingers in her pee and brought them to my nose, smelling her pee.

“Oh, you are a dirty kitty. Look at you, covered in my pee, smelling like my pee. You should keep it on all day. You should go to the dining hall covered in my pee.’

All I could say was, “Yes, yes.”

My cock was now hard and throbbing.

“You should put some behind your ears.”

I did, dabbing it like it was perfume.

Then she noticed my belly button was full of her pee and laughed. “Oh my god, look, you have a little well of pee, your belly button is full! Do you think you could crab-walk to the dining hall and keep it in there?”

Again, all I could say was, ‘Yes, yes.’

Then I thought of something else to say. “God, I’m so horny, I have to touch my cock.”

“Are you allowed?”

“Um, yes, I am.”

I started jerking off as she watched and played with the pee on my chest. I was ready to cum almost instantly but I let it go on for a while, just living in that moment. A moment I know I’ll return to again and again.

I came and my head fell back. I just stared at the blue sky and at her blue eyes.

“Wow. That was amazing.”

She asked if I was going to breakfast like that. I said I thought I’d best go shower and she agreed.

I picked up my clothes and she put on her robe. We walked up the hill, me covered in pee and cum and pine needles all over my back.

I thanked her again and I went into my cabin. My cabin mates saw my dirty body and asked if I was OK, thinking I’d fallen. I said I was OK and ran to the shower.

I still have no idea why she was wearing bunny ears.

Dark Odyssey Summer Camp

I just got back from Dark Odyssey Summer Camp. WOW. What a great time I had. My partners and I arrived Thursday (my Miss in the morning and my Mistress at dinner time). We left Monday afternoon. In between we saw a lot, heard about a lot, and did a lot.

Things were a bit slow for me on Thursday. On Friday I attended some workshops and played a bit. On Saturday I played from before breakfast right up till midnight snack. On Sunday I played a bit and went to a class and on Monday I just flirted and packed up.

And all I can say is WOW.

OK, actually, I have a lot more to say.

I think I'll be posting for quite a while about all my experiences. So, stay tuned!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Roots of Kink – Water Sports

So often it is hard to know where a kink comes from. Other times you can recall the exact moment it entered your consciousness. This is about the latter.

Growing up my sister’s best friend was a redheaded girl named She lived down the street and played with my sister every day.

I liked hanging out with my sister and her best friend (no one is surprised). I really wanted Jenny to like me. But they would usually chase me away when they were together.

Well one day I was playing with Jenny without my sister around. I forget how this came about. In her backyard she had one of those geodesic dome jungle gyms. I know I was younger than 10 but can’t recall my exact age.

In any event, we were playing on the jungle gym, side by side. We were sitting with our legs over the bars and our butts pushed down. One of us probably commented that it looked like we were sitting on the toilet. This, I’m sure, would have been very silly.

Then we swung backward so we were both hanging upside-down from our knees. Jenny joked that we had now fallen through the toilet and into the sewer. Yes, I said, and all the pee and poop is falling on us. And Jenny said, yes, it’s all pouring down on us.

I was so excited to be so close to her. And so excited to be alone with her. And so excited to b talking about something so taboo. And she was talking about it too!

Jenny probably has no memory of that day. But for me, the idea of being peed on has never left me. And the excitement and the naughtiness of it all has stayed with me. All these years.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Professional Strippers at a Kinky Play Party

A couple of weeks ago I attended my first bachelor/bachelorette party with professional strippers. Full disclosure: While I strive to be a Very Naughty Kitty indeed, I have never been to a strip club that features full nudity.

Full, full disclosure: I’ve been to some male strip clubs with full nudity, but not female. I know, I’m sheltered.

So I was excited that there would be two strippers at this party. It was held at a big ranch house in the suburbs. As part of the festivities, my boyfriend and I decided to do a strip tease for the crowd. I thought we’d be a good way to get the guests warmed-up for the pros.

We have a routine we’ve done at some parties and at Dark Odyssey Summer Camp one year. It starts out to Pretty Woman with my bf in drag and me dressed in a man’s suit. (Hmmm, maybe I’m in drag too…)

While the music plays, we seduce each other, flirting, and dancing, and kissing, until we finally strip off enough clothes for me to see that she is really a he! I act shocked at the sight of his penis, but he reassures me it will be OK and places my hand on his cock.

The touch of his cock is enough to convince me. The stage direction I wrote is “I touch his cock. I go gay.”

At this point the music changes to Hey Ya and I strip down to PVC hot pants and a tight nylon club shirt. We kiss for a while and then give lap dances to the audience. It’s very naughty. And sexy. And silly. The audience always seems to enjoy it.

The guests at the bachelor/bachelorette party were no exception. The pros even watched and smiled. And I love showing off.

Then we all settled in for an hour-long presentation by the pros.

I have to say I was underwhelmed.

I’m not saying my bf and I did better. But the audience was really excited and laughing and having fun when we were up there. With the pros, not so much.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on what was missing and I think it was passion. It seemed more like naked gymnastics than something sexual.

People seemed to react with thoughts of, “Oh, how does she bend like that,” more than “Oh, that’s so hot.”

Part of the problem was that they were really trying to get tips. I was prepared to tip, but they did it in a really crass way, I thought.

At one point they laid the bride and groom on the floor and said they were going to kiss and grope their way down the bride and groom’s bodies. That sounded hot. Then added that we had to lay money on the bride and groom for them to pick up as they worked their way down.

Um, we do?!?

They also did something called Cooter Shots. The had test tubes full of shots and each woman slid a tube into her pussy and then had the bride and groom grab the tube with their mouths and fuck them with the tube. The bride and groom then leaned back and drank the shot.

OK, that was kind of interesting and a bit hot to watch. Then they offered Cooter Shots to everyone else. For $5 a shot. My Mistress and I were the only ones who took them up on the offer.

Later they sat on the floor and fucked each other with a double-dildo. While making small talk with each other. Um, yeah, not hot at all.

Then they got up and, with the double-dildo still connecting them, spun around into different positions. By now it really felt like a gymnastics exhibition.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by all the burlesque shows I’ve been to. When they call burlesque a “strip tease” I now know what they mean. It’s more of this just seemed to be about getting naked and striking poses a performance to get the audience and excited than to just show off.

Or maybe it was doomed from the start. I’m guessing that strippers would be the high point of most bachelor/bachelorette parties. But at a kinky play party it was more of a warm up to what we’d be doing to each other later.

I still want to go to a strip club with female strippers, but I’m thinking that burlesque shows will turn me on more.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Threesome with a Film Editor

The summer blockbuster movie season is upon us. How does a naughty kitty like me celebrate such an event? By posting about the time I had a threesome with an editor from a major film studio, of course!

First, let me define my terms, because nothing is sexier than some well-defined terms.

By major film studio I mean it’s a studio you’ve heard of.

By editor I mean that, when the credits roll and it says Edited By his name is there.

By blockbuster I mean you’ve seen the movies he’s edited.

By threesome I mean… well actually I’ve now built this up to be way more than it was. But I don’t have many celeb stories, so this will have to do for now. (Note that all names have been changed to protect the guilty ; )

Several years back I was dating a girl name April, my former high school sweetheart. She and her mom went to visit her grandmother out in California and ran into an old friend from high school, Yitzhak. (I’m calling him Yitzhak cause I’ve always wanted to sleep with a guy named Yitzhak. What, we can all dream!)

April and Yitzhak spent some time together when she was out there and then kept up emailing and talking on the phone when she returned east. There was some chemistry there. Well, at least some lust.

The following Thanksgiving we were all planning to be back in our hometown and decided to hook up. And by hook up I mean, April and I were doing the whole swingers and polyamory thing. And Yitzhak was single, so talk of a threesome was in the air.

My parents were out of town so we had the use of their house. We went their first and turned on the heat and made sure the lights and plumbing worked. Then we drove over the Yitzhak’s to pick him up.

He was there with his whole extended family. It felt kind of weird arriving in the middle of a huge family meal to pick up a guy for a threesome. “Hi, is Yitzhak free for some sex?”

Yeah, it was all feeling very high school.

Back at my parents place we sat around drinking wine and catching up. He told us what it’s like working for a major film studio. We told him about the swingers clubs we’d been going to.

On one level it was all very comfortable. We’d all been friends back in the day and it was fun to catch up and see how far we’ve come. On another level it was weird and awkward. Would we have sex? Who would initiate? What would happen?

He’d never been to a swingers club and was intrigued but unsure.

Finally April got up and went over to where he was sitting and started making out with him. They were going at it pretty hot and heavy and I was getting turned on. Then she undid his pants and pulled out his cock.

She started sucking his cock and I wanted to join in. She was wearing a short skirt and kneeling on the floor. I knelt behind her and pulled her ass up so I could get at it.

I pulled her skirt up and pulled her panties down and started fingering and licking her pussy.

She was very wet and really getting into it. I licked her more and finger-fucked while she continued sucking Yitzhak’s cock. We continued like that for a while. I thought about sucking his cock, but was pretty sure he wouldn’t be into it.

Finally April stopped. I don’t think Yitzhak came; I think she just stopped. We straightened our clothes and had some awkward conversation and then April left to drive Yitzhak home.

I hung out watching TV waiting for April to get back, imagining all kinds of naughtiness.

She returned about an hour later and reported that they had just talked, nothing more.

Then we went to bed in my parent’s bed and, just for good measure (or because it seemed so weird), had sex in their bed. We talked about how much she wanted Yitzhak while we fucked.

So, that is the story of my threesome with a major film studio editor. Maybe I should have added that he yelled, “Cut!” when we finished.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot Wax Party

A couple weeks ago we had a naughty wax play party. My Mistress and my Miss love dripping melted wax on people and having it dripped on them.

But it can make a huge mess and is kind of labor-intensive. You need a lot of candles going, you need to cover the area so you don’t make a massive mess. You don’t find it at every kinky party. In fact, several of the parties we’ve been to lately had no wax station. So we decided to do it ourselves.

It was our first kinky party. We have a small apartment, so we can’t have many people over. We decided on a girls and trans party and invited 5 people over. There was me, my Mistress, my Miss, and 5 women who are active in the local BDSM scene.

We covered all the furniture in a layer of towels and bought a bunch of the saint candles. We were lucky and found some for Jesus and Mary! Woot! Between all the towels on everything and all the candles burning it felt like a day spa.

I was dressed in a black and pink bustier, black fishnet thigh highs with a floral pattern, and a pink miniskirt. OK, the skirt was about 5 inches long and made it about half way down my bottom. It was also see-through. Very naughty. But as I say, my Mistress and my Miss like me to look cute.

I served the drinks and passed out snacks. I got my bottom smacked a few times. I felt so violated (not really).

It was a good mix of people. There were 3 tops and 4 bottoms.

My Mistress went first, covering my Miss in wax. She was on her stomach and soon was covered in white and red and green drippings.

Next went two women who laid on their backs and held hands. Each time the wax hit they would yell and squeeze each other’s hands tighter. Oh it was so cute.

In addition to the saint candles we had a paraffin wax spa going and we lit a bunch of tea lights. If you know anything about wax play you just said, “ouch” when you read that. Tea lights are very small and burn very hot. They are not really recommended for wax play.

But we had a ton of them, bought in packs of 100 from Ikea. So we put them out just to see what people would do.

Well, one of the tops started using them like shots. She’d pick up two and them dump them really fast on the two bottoms. Wow it was hot and funny. The women really screamed from that. But it was small, so it was over quick. Just like doing a shot.

One of the other tops scraped off the layer of wax. The women had shaved before they arrived, and we had oiled them up, so it came off easily. Then she started in again, making sure to get the nipples and pussies first and pointing out that their skin was even more sensitive now, after being waxed once.

The last scene was one of the tops and a bottom that she brought. Her bottom had been at the beach all day and had gotten a sunburn in random areas of her body. She didn’t apply sunscreen very well and it showed. Her top was nice and avoided the burned areas, for the most part.

After their scene was done she curled up on one of the sofas and I gave her a foot massage. She really responded to the massage, more so than the average person. So I started really giving it to her, squeezing and rubbing, and she responded in little gasps and moans. So I started rubbing my teeth over the soles of her feet and then biting her toes. I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed it more.

OK, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it more. She was moaning and gasping. When it was over she curled up in a ball, under two towels, and fell asleep for about an hour. So yeah, she really enjoyed it.

When the party broke up the two of them decided to stay over. I drove my Miss home and when I got back my Mistress was in bed and but the two women were having sex on the pullout couch. Oh, is there anything hotter than coming home to two women have sex?

They had a plug-in vibe with them. They were prepared. It was awesome.

I was a bit unsure what proper etiquette is in this situation, so I sort of pretended to putter around in the kitchen so I could listen in. But I was exhausted and went to bed.

I woke up around 8 when I heard some odd thumping noise. I’m paranoid about my apartment, I’ve had leaks and the building flooded once. So I got up to investigate. One of the women, the top, was thumping the other woman on her ass. Oh, it was hot.

In my mind they had been having sex all night. Consumed with too much lust to even sleep. But I knew they had just woken up. Still, it was really hot.

Then my Mistress woke up and I made espresso for all of us.

All in all, a great party, but very messy. I was picking up bits of wax all week. I still see some now and then.

Even so, we hope to have another party soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Kittie in the Big Citi

First off, "city" and "kitty" were taken. Oh well, kitties can't spell anyway!

Secondly, I'm just a little kittie in the big city!

I'm the owned pet of my Mistress and my Miss. They share me because pet ownership has a lot of responsibilities. I was collared over a year ago at a ceremony during Dark Odyssey Spring Fire. A bunch of our friends were there.

But one thing I've learned in my scant few years in the BDSM scene is that everyone is different and unique. With different desires and motivations and needs. So, what kind of kittie am I?

I'm a citi kittie!

The three of us were visiting friends who have a D/s relationship. After spending a bit of time with them they seemed a bit concerned and/or confused that my owners would kiss me so much, and pet me so much, and didn't have me waiting on them hand and foot.

Finally my Miss explained that I'm not a country pet. She said that a country pet is expected to work on the farm, herd animals, protect the property, make Mojitos, or what have you. And that's fine, but I'm not a country pet, I'm a city pet.

I'm more like a little doggy you dress up in cute little outfits and parade around for everyone to see and admire. Sometimes you have the pet perform tricks. And you demand lots of kisses and lovin's.

It was pretty funny when she said it and pretty true. I'm just a little city pet. More of a show pet. Yes, I do wait on my owners. I try to give them lots of love and attention. And I often cook for them.

But I'm not the kind of pet you dress up in a maid's uniform and expect the place to be spotless three hours later.

I mean, that's a lot of work and I'm just a little kittie!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm a little kittie, living in the big citi, and I'm excited to start blogging about all my naughty adventures.

This will be a place to explore the intersections of sex and sexuality and orientation and gender identity.

I hope you enjoy the ride : )