Friday, October 17, 2008

Slutty Kittie in the Village Voice

You know that this slutty kitty likes to get around. But I never thought I'd wind up in the Village Voice!

Oh, it's very exciting for such a little kitty.

I'm in Tristan Taormino's column Pucker Up. I'm mentioned by my scene name, Pink Pet. And, since I'm tooting my own horn, I'm sure you'll recognize in the column, from my previous blogs, my servicing of Wendy, the menu I created, and Tristan's "hiring" me to service another whore.

In addition to drawing attention to myself, I mention this because I think it's awesome that she refers to me using both male and female pronouns. I feel so gender outlaw. Wow!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Night at the Brothel, Part 2

I was “working” the brothel at Dark Odyssey summer camp, dressed in a corset and tight mini skirt, fishnet thigh highs and little leather, high heel boots. After several clients, I was feeling like a very naughty girl.

And then the host of the event, Tristan, and her partner walked up and asked for a menu. They read it over together, whispering behind the card.

What did they want? Did they want to play with me? Did they know someone they were going to recommend play with me? I was almost shaking in anticipation.

Then she told my Miss, who was acting as my pimp, that she wanted to hire me. I couldn't believe it. She quickly said that she was hiring me to play with another whore and suggested we go outside where it was cooler.

Who was the other whore? I tried looking around but couldn't see who it was in the mass of people filling the brothel.

My Mistress was on the porch and she joined us as we headed outside. And that's when I saw him. The other whore. He was short and thin, and oh so hot. He had an eager, hungry look in his eyes.

We arrived on the lawn in front of the row of cabins. Our client said she wanted me to give the guy a blow job. I got on my knees, my fishnets digging into my skin. It's a great feeling, down there, feeling the bite of fabric, reminding me of my place.

The guy, I didn't even know his name, smiled down at me as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was non-bio, long, not too thick, hard and ready. He pulled out a condom and told me to put it on.

As I unrolled the condom down his cock our client leaned in and said, “And I want some begging.” Tapping the menu she added, “It's on the menu!”

I looked up at him. “Please let me suck your cock. Oh god, please.”

“You really want it?”

“Oh yes, please. Please! I need it down my throat.”

I don't know how many people were watching as I leaned forward and licked his cock. I licked, I sucked, I begged some more, and then I slid my mouth down the shaft.

I moved one hand to his crotch, behind the base of his cock, to try and rub him and transmit feeling more directly to his clit. As I sucked I made sure I was rocking there as well. He grabbed my head and told me I was doing a good job as he rammed in further down my throat.

Opening my throat, I took his cock down further, deep throating him. I felt the familiar pain and thrill of having something so big so deep inside my body. I gagged. My eyes teared up. I pulled back and let some spit drip off my lips as I stared up at him.

“What a good bitch. Take it, take it.”

“I need your cock, I need it so bad.”

From the corner of my eyes I could see lots of people were watching. I didn't care. I did care. I wanted everyone watching, and yet it was just the two of us. On the lawn. This was where I belonged, servicing someone, getting him off.

He rammed it down my throat again and again. Jamming it into me. Grunting. Telling me I was a good whore. Then he paused, looked down with concern on his face and in a soft voice asked, “Are you OK?”

I paused and looked up. I told him I was fine, it was going great. He smiled and then jammed it back down my throat, all aggression and need once more.

Finally he started to spasm and jerk and held my head tight to his cock. He moaned and held my head still.

“Oh, that was good,” he smiled.

That's when Tristan said she wanted a snowball ending. The guy and I looked at each other. We looked at his non-bio cock. We looked back at our client. Huh?

“Fake it!” she said.

Well, the customer is always right. So back we went. He declared that he did need to cum again so I slid my mouth down his cock.

I pulled back and looked up at him. He smiled again, one hand on the base of his cock, one on the back of my head, ready to shove it into me once more.

“Am I your dirty little girl?” I asked. Just saying it made me feel weak.

His eyes lit up. “Yes! Yes you are! And now I'm that much closer to cumming!”

That did it, I was gone. I was a girl. On her knees. Sucking a guy's cock. I was his girl, his bitch, alive only to get him off.

I took it deeper. All the way down. I gagged. I drooled. I wanted as much as he could give. I wanted whatever he had, deep in my throat, deep in my body.

He looked gone too. He threw his head back. He yelled. He grunted. And then he rammed it further down.


He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up a bit. We kissed. I think we both looked over to our client to make sure she was pleased.

She smiled and clapped. I collapsed.

He disappeared into the crowd.

My Mistress and Miss rushed over to help me up. I asked them to take me back to the cabin. I was done. Nothing could top that.

My throat was sore, my knees hurt, my outfit was askew.

Back at the cabin, I sat on the porch with some friends and babbled on and on about what a great time I'd had. I'm sure I was a bore, but I couldn't shut up. I was still flying. Still a naughty girl that had just sucked off a hot guy. Wow.

And I still didn't know his name.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Where's Citi Kittie Now?

As you know, your slutty kitty likes to get around. To naughty parties and sexy conventions and adult bookstores and coffee shops. (What? This kitty loves a creamy latte.) But did you know that Citi Kittie has been getting around the blogosphere too?

Here's one place I snuck off too. The beautiful and sexy and wonderful Sarah Sloane's blog. She quoted this frisky kittie's thoughts about what it is that makes someone sexy. A topic I think about often.

The post is called Sexy is as Sexy Does. Her post also appears over at Best Sex, which, I have to say, if you aren't reading you probably should be. But if you're reading me, then you are probably quite well-read in the sex blogosphere.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Night at the Brothel, Part 1

Being a sex-worker is a long-time fantasy of mine. I actually discussed it with my high school guidance counselor. He was very rational about it and we discussed the pros and cons. The biggest con being that it is illegal. So that has certainly held me back. I have no interest in breaking the law.

So when I was asked to "work" in the brothel at Dark Odyssey Summer Camp I, actually, had a few reservations.

I love the idea of being seen as a sex object or a fetish object. That is a real turn on for me. But I like to have some sort of connection with the person. I want the person to want me for me. Or at least want my body because they get turned on by it.

For example, gang bang scenes don't do much for me. If the woman is laying there letting any cock take her, then she doesn't really care if it is me. That just leaves me cold.

But at the same time, I like creating situations that break down the barriers that keep people from connecting sexaully. At a club or even a play party, there is usually a certain amount of small talk and flirting that takes place. Oh, you know this kitty loves flirting, but I also love when that barrier is removed and you can get right to the lust.

Another reason I enjoy being seen as a sex object is that it reverses the traditional gender roles. Being male-bodied, I'm often expected to make the first move. I'm genderqueer and my sexuality is much more femme, so I often prefer to be propositioned, as opposed to making the proposition. In general this doesn't usually work out. But being a whore would allow me to take on a more receptive role, a more traditionally female role. I saw that it could help me feel more like a girl and be accepted as a girl.

At the same time, I'm not a real heavy player, so I was concerned about boundaries and safety.

The madam told me that many of the whores have dates set up ahead of time. And some of them even make up business cards.

Once she said that, I realized I could use my time in the brothel as a way to suggest play dates with people. I often have a hard time transitioning from flirting to suggesting a play date. I get shy. Or I worry I'll offend. Or that I'll be seen as creepy. Or I just overthink it.

This would be a great way to let people know I was interested in playing with them. I could give them a card and tell them to come by when I was working, if they were interested.

So I made business cards with my name on one side and an appointment card on the back. I put little stickers on them: pink hearts and flowers and cowboy boots and the like.

On Friday and Saturday I gave out a few cards and told people I'd be at the brothel. My Miss wanted to join in too, so she decided to be my pimp. That way, if someone showed up that I didn't want to play with, she could just tell them no. My Mistress was also floating around, ready to assist if there was a problem. There was also the madam and security for the brothel. I was a very safe kitty.

I also came up with a menu of activities I'd be comfortable doing with most people. Again, I'm not a real heavy player and I was worried I'd blank on things to do while working.

On the menu that night was:

  • Making out
  • Making out with fondling/groping
  • Mutual masturbation
  • Body worship
  • Oral pleasure
  • Begging
  • Tickling
  • Light spanking
  • Watersports

The brothel was in the sexorama, in the fucking room. The lights were low, the sheets and drapes were dark red. People were milling about, a few were already having sex when I arrived. I was dressed in a corset and tight mini skirt, fishnet thigh highs and little leather, high heel boots.

Things started slow. My booth had a sex swing. I stood there, with my hands on the swing, smiling at the customers. The room filled up with people quickly but no one was talking to me. I started to wonder what was worse, having people I'm not interested in proposition me. Or having no one proposition me.

But soon people started talking to me, and I'd hand them a menu. It allowed the customers and I to discuss what was on the menu versus someone trying to talk me into something I didn't feel comfortable doing. And the customers found it amusing and fun that I had a menu.

Finally a friend looked over my menu and said, "Let's make out."

That got me really excited. She's super hot and crazy sexy. And the fact that she just walked up and said, "Let's make out" was such a turn on.

We started kissing and then I groped her some, my fingers making their way up her skirt. It was a tight hobble skirt, but I managed to get my fingers rubbing her between her legs, over her clothing. Oh, I loved kissing her and rubbing her. She was responding nicely. I think I was doing a good job.

I really get kind of high providing service and making people happy. She seemed to really enjoy it as well.

After her it was a bit of a blur. I had a steady stream of customers for almost an hour and 45 minutes. The first woman's boyfriend showed up. He's very hot and has extremely soft skin. He's delighful to rub and kiss and touch. We made out and then I sat him in the sling and got his pants off. I sucked his cock for a while. He didn't cum, but said he really enjoyed it.

A very hot dyke stopped by and had me suck off her non-bio cock. I love deep throating and I'm very attracted to her, so that was really hot for me. And it was a huge ego-boost that she wanted to play with me.

A hot woman stopped by with a huge cock. It was so big it couldn't take a regular condom. Luckily, she brought her own. I did my best to suck her off.

Throughout the night, I really tried to emphasize the role-play aspect of being a whore. And me being a girl. While I was with this one woman and her massive cock, I kept yelling out, "Oh my god, you're so big!" The brothel was pretty quiet, so it was rather dramatic. Or at least noisey. It also got her to say things like, "Take it bitch," which I found really hot.

Another woman I flirt with at every event stopped by and we fooled around.

And a cute boy showed up for a spanking. I like spanking in the sex rooms and making out in the dungeon. It's just fun to flaunt conventions like that.

Because they were all people I knew, my pimp didn't charge a lot for me. And that was fine. The amount of money didn't really do much for me. It was fake money anyway, so the amount really didn't matter. But the idea of exchanging something for my sexual services, wow, that was hot.

So my pimp, standing there, taking money from people and then me servicing them. Gods. It was fantastic. I felt like such a naughty girl. It was a great night.

And then the host of the event and her partner walked up and asked for a menu. And that's when my night went from a 10 to an 11.

To be continued . . .

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kittie in the Citi is Now Syndicated for LiveJournal

For all my LiveJournal users, you can now have Kittie in the Citi appear right on your LJ. Just click the link below and then select Add.