Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Threesome Position

This kitty loves threesomes. I think it's the optimum number for sex. People tend to couple up once you have more than three. So more often than not a foursome is really 2 twosomes, and a fivesome is 1 twosome and 1 threesome, and so on and etc.

But with a threesome you can really focus on each other, find lots of positions to access each other, and have a lot of fun.

A month or so ago I attended a great class on having threesomes, taught by Reid Mihalko. It covered starting a threesome, emotional considerations, and various positions. I even helped demonstrate some positions. (Unfortunately we were all clothed, but it's a fun way to meet new people.)

Reid teaches a lot of classes and has a great website you might want to check out, at reidmihalko . com.

So recently I was at a play party and discovered a new position for threesomes.

My Mistress had strapped on a cock and was offering free rides. She got warmed up having a hot guy suck her cock. I warmed up her first ridee by giving her a hand job. Actually, the warm up was a threesome as well. Her husband was sitting and she was sitting between his legs. He was holding her from behind while I stood in front of them, kissing and rubbing her.

We were at this amazing private dungeon, in the wet room. The wet room was covered floor to ceiling in tile, had several shower nozzles, a drain in the floor, and a large bench that ran the length of one side of the room.

My Mistress decided to lay down on the bench to let her friend ride her cock. But the bench was all tile, so not that comfy for laying on. I jumped on the bench, leaned my back to the wall, and suggested my Mistress to lean on me for cushion.

I thought she would lean her back against my chest, in a reclining sitting position. Instead, she lay down with her head in my lap. Which meant the back of her head was resting on my cock. It was quite pleasant to have her head resting on me like that.

But then her friend mounted my Mistress's cock and started fucking her. As she did that, all the engery she was fucking into my Mistress was riding through her body and transmitting into my cock. Wow.

I could feel each thrust and movement right on my cock. It wasn't enough to get me off, but it was enough to keep me aroused and wanting more.

Her friend looked so hot, squatting over my Mistress and riding her. She started moaning. She started sweating, she kept going.

She rode her for a while in a sitting up position and then she'd lean down and kiss my Mistress. While they were making out their heads were both in my lap, rolling around over my cock.

Again, wow. My cock was throbbing in my panties as they rolled back and forth over me. Both of them moaning and sweating and thrusting for more. And more. And more. I have no idea how many orgasms they had. From their expressions it seemed like a lot.

It seemed to go on for hours. I knew I wouldn't cum from the stimulation and I think I enjoyed knowing that as well. It was a nice denial. I was helping the two of them get off and knew I wouldn't get release. But I was also absorbing all that sexual energy, sucking it all up.

Finally my Mistress's friend had had enough and she dismounted. She needed her husband to help her as she couldn't really stand. We all lay on the bench cuddling, and recovering, for a while.

What an awesome scene. And awesome people. And an awesome postion. I'll be doing that one again!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another article I wrote is up at It's about using safe words in BDSM scenes.

I hope you all enjoy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Brunch and a Blow Job

My Mistress likes to cut her friends hair. Not as a kinky thing; she just likes giving make-overs (OK, maybe there is a bit of a domme thing going on there after all).

A while back a friend emailed her and suggested we come over to provide a hair cut for her and a blow job for her boyfriend. Her yummy, yummy boyfriend. He and I had played a bit before, and made out a few times, but never gone as far as a blow job.

My Mistress, my Miss, and I were really tired because we'd be at a play party the night before until 5 AM. We were supposed to arrive at 11 AM, but we were all still fast asleep at 10:30, so we called to say we'd be there about noon.

It's not easy to live the sexyfuntime lifestyle!

The night before I'd been all girlie, but I went to brunch in some cute boy clothes.

Our hostess provided a wonderful breakfast of yummy foods. After we ate my Mistress set up a chair to cut our hostesses hair, sitting so they could watch the action on the couch. My Miss sat at their feet to watch as well.

Her boyfriend and I were next to each other on the couch and finally his girlfriend said, "OK, let's go boys!"

So I sat on his lap and we started making out. He's so cute; I wanted to eat him up! Oh, and I was about t0!

We kissed and kissed and kissed. Hot, deep, passionate, boy-on-boy kisses.

I could feel him getting hard and wanting more through his pants. So I pulled them down and started rubbing his cock. Mmmmm.

Somehow my Mistress was able to concentrate on cutting hair while also watching us. She is a multitasker!

There was a brief pause while my Miss tried to find us some condoms. You'd think with five kinky people in the room we'd have been able to whip one out quicker. But we found their stash, and some flavored lube.

I got on my knees, between his legs, right where I belonged. I lubed up his cock and stroked him slowly. He was hard and throbbing. I looked up; he was smiling down at me, his twitching cock in my hand.

I slipped the condom on and leaned down to suck. His cock. In my mouth. So hard between my lips. And yet, cocks aren't hard like steel; they aren't wood. They are hard with a soft, warm, spongy, muscly, cockishness that is hard to resist.

So hard to keep from the back of my throat.

I slid my mouth down, all the way, feeling his hardness on the back of my throat. Bobbing on his cock, gagging a bit, drooling a bit. My eyes were tearing up.

God, it was so good.

I looked over at my Mistress, my Miss, and our hostess staring at us. I'm not sure which turned on more, the cock rubbing against the top of my throat, or having three hot women watching.

Eventually he leaned down and pulled me off. I sat on the couch and pulled down my pants. He lubed up my cock and knelt between my legs as he stroked me.

I leaned back and moaned as he rubbed my hardness. God it was so wonderful; throbbing between his hands.

I hadn't cum in a few days. God I was so horny. He was smiling up at me, so excited to be jerking me off. Wow.

I started begging to cum. My Mistress teased that I wouldn't be cumming today. My Miss thought it amusing and hot to have me begging in front of our friends.

It was embarrassing.

And so hot.

I'm not exactly sure how I was able to hold off while begging and being stroked, but I managed it. And then she said I could. And then I did.

Over and over and over.


So much cum, pumping out onto my belly.


So wonderful.

Such good friends.

Such a great brunch.