Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hot Wax Party

A couple weeks ago we had a naughty wax play party. My Mistress and my Miss love dripping melted wax on people and having it dripped on them.

But it can make a huge mess and is kind of labor-intensive. You need a lot of candles going, you need to cover the area so you don’t make a massive mess. You don’t find it at every kinky party. In fact, several of the parties we’ve been to lately had no wax station. So we decided to do it ourselves.

It was our first kinky party. We have a small apartment, so we can’t have many people over. We decided on a girls and trans party and invited 5 people over. There was me, my Mistress, my Miss, and 5 women who are active in the local BDSM scene.

We covered all the furniture in a layer of towels and bought a bunch of the saint candles. We were lucky and found some for Jesus and Mary! Woot! Between all the towels on everything and all the candles burning it felt like a day spa.

I was dressed in a black and pink bustier, black fishnet thigh highs with a floral pattern, and a pink miniskirt. OK, the skirt was about 5 inches long and made it about half way down my bottom. It was also see-through. Very naughty. But as I say, my Mistress and my Miss like me to look cute.

I served the drinks and passed out snacks. I got my bottom smacked a few times. I felt so violated (not really).

It was a good mix of people. There were 3 tops and 4 bottoms.

My Mistress went first, covering my Miss in wax. She was on her stomach and soon was covered in white and red and green drippings.

Next went two women who laid on their backs and held hands. Each time the wax hit they would yell and squeeze each other’s hands tighter. Oh it was so cute.

In addition to the saint candles we had a paraffin wax spa going and we lit a bunch of tea lights. If you know anything about wax play you just said, “ouch” when you read that. Tea lights are very small and burn very hot. They are not really recommended for wax play.

But we had a ton of them, bought in packs of 100 from Ikea. So we put them out just to see what people would do.

Well, one of the tops started using them like shots. She’d pick up two and them dump them really fast on the two bottoms. Wow it was hot and funny. The women really screamed from that. But it was small, so it was over quick. Just like doing a shot.

One of the other tops scraped off the layer of wax. The women had shaved before they arrived, and we had oiled them up, so it came off easily. Then she started in again, making sure to get the nipples and pussies first and pointing out that their skin was even more sensitive now, after being waxed once.

The last scene was one of the tops and a bottom that she brought. Her bottom had been at the beach all day and had gotten a sunburn in random areas of her body. She didn’t apply sunscreen very well and it showed. Her top was nice and avoided the burned areas, for the most part.

After their scene was done she curled up on one of the sofas and I gave her a foot massage. She really responded to the massage, more so than the average person. So I started really giving it to her, squeezing and rubbing, and she responded in little gasps and moans. So I started rubbing my teeth over the soles of her feet and then biting her toes. I’m not sure which one of us enjoyed it more.

OK, I’m pretty sure she enjoyed it more. She was moaning and gasping. When it was over she curled up in a ball, under two towels, and fell asleep for about an hour. So yeah, she really enjoyed it.

When the party broke up the two of them decided to stay over. I drove my Miss home and when I got back my Mistress was in bed and but the two women were having sex on the pullout couch. Oh, is there anything hotter than coming home to two women have sex?

They had a plug-in vibe with them. They were prepared. It was awesome.

I was a bit unsure what proper etiquette is in this situation, so I sort of pretended to putter around in the kitchen so I could listen in. But I was exhausted and went to bed.

I woke up around 8 when I heard some odd thumping noise. I’m paranoid about my apartment, I’ve had leaks and the building flooded once. So I got up to investigate. One of the women, the top, was thumping the other woman on her ass. Oh, it was hot.

In my mind they had been having sex all night. Consumed with too much lust to even sleep. But I knew they had just woken up. Still, it was really hot.

Then my Mistress woke up and I made espresso for all of us.

All in all, a great party, but very messy. I was picking up bits of wax all week. I still see some now and then.

Even so, we hope to have another party soon.


Heidi Holland said...

naughty kitty! I love it. Hawt pics!


Anonymous said...

Definitely Hot!!!