Friday, August 8, 2008

Roots of Kink – Water Sports

So often it is hard to know where a kink comes from. Other times you can recall the exact moment it entered your consciousness. This is about the latter.

Growing up my sister’s best friend was a redheaded girl named She lived down the street and played with my sister every day.

I liked hanging out with my sister and her best friend (no one is surprised). I really wanted Jenny to like me. But they would usually chase me away when they were together.

Well one day I was playing with Jenny without my sister around. I forget how this came about. In her backyard she had one of those geodesic dome jungle gyms. I know I was younger than 10 but can’t recall my exact age.

In any event, we were playing on the jungle gym, side by side. We were sitting with our legs over the bars and our butts pushed down. One of us probably commented that it looked like we were sitting on the toilet. This, I’m sure, would have been very silly.

Then we swung backward so we were both hanging upside-down from our knees. Jenny joked that we had now fallen through the toilet and into the sewer. Yes, I said, and all the pee and poop is falling on us. And Jenny said, yes, it’s all pouring down on us.

I was so excited to be so close to her. And so excited to be alone with her. And so excited to b talking about something so taboo. And she was talking about it too!

Jenny probably has no memory of that day. But for me, the idea of being peed on has never left me. And the excitement and the naughtiness of it all has stayed with me. All these years.

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