Monday, September 29, 2008

Petting Zoo

As I’ve mentioned, I can be a bit shy about asking people for play dates. I enjoy flirting, but trying to take the flirting to the next level sometimes seems so very hard. I know I usually just over think it. But still.

So that is one of the reasons that I enjoy situations that break down that barrier between just chatting and getting physical. Like when I put on slutty clothes and turn myself into a fetish object (see previous post) or when I role-play as a whore in a brothel (see future post) or when I play as a kitty (see this post).

My Mistress, my Miss, and I ran the petting zoo at this year’s Dark Odyssey Summer Camp again. I went as a pink kitty, with kitty ears, a pink striped halter-top, pink lace panties, pink knee socks, and pink Converse high tops. And a black fox tail with a white tip attached to a butt plug. Mmmmm.

This year we had a bunch of metal cages in addition to the fencing we put up to pen in the animals. The weather was fairly hot and people were slow to arrive. I thought it was going to be a bust because there were almost no people after 10 minutes.

But then lots of people started showing up, so I got down on all fours and my Miss attached a bright pink lead to my collar and led me around.

As soon as I’m a kitty my relationship to everyone changes. And their relationship to me changes. I can walk up to people and rub against them. Most people smile and lean down and pet me. I love this.

Instant touching and being touched. No small talk. No awkward silences. No wondering what the other person is thinking. Just me purring and the person smiling and petting me.

Once I’m in kitty space I notice things differently. And I react differently. Like when the doggies started coming up to me, barking. I avoided them the way a cat would, by slinking away. When that didn’t work I’d hiss and flail my claws. (Hmm, maybe I should try that in the real world when someone is bothering me.)

But mostly I got lots of pets. I went up to people I didn’t know and rubbed their legs. They fed me treats. (I know why so many house pets are overweight.) I climbed into a few laps. That was hot, rubbing my head against legs, thighs, crotches, bellies. People smiling and then commenting on what a naughty kitty I was. A few times a hand would push me away from rubbing against some body part or other, but it was always gentle. So I’d just rub and paw other parts.

I also played with some of the other kitties. One kitty was dressed so sexy, in a leather mini skirt and a little tail. I approached slowly and mewed. She mewed back so I rubbed my face against hers. She purred and mewed. I licked her skin, tasting the salt on her neck and face.

Getting excited, I climbed over the short fence to be in the pen with her. Here was someone I’d never met before, didn’t even know her name, and I was rubbing and purring and pawing her. And she was rubbing and purring and pawing me.

We licked each other, we kissed, we mewed. Then she presented her rump.

I have to say, I was a bit thrown for a moment. I asked myself, what would a kitty do? And then thought, wait, she wants to mate? Srsly?

All the mewing and licking and pawing had me quite hard, so I got behind her and jumped up, putting my front legs on her back. I humped her leather mini skirt, imagining I was doing more, my hard cock rubbing against her through the thin fabric of my lace panties.

I was so turned on. She was turned on, humping back against me. I pushed and humped, not even bothering to look around, not even aware of what anyone else was doing or saying. I leaned down and bit her neck and she purred. I think a few people commented on the naughty kitties.

After a few minutes she hissed and jumped away, running to the far corner of the pen. She lay down and began to lick her paws. I took that as my cue to go.

(I didn’t see her after the petting zoo and I don’t think I spoke with her later either. Just a moment of humping at the petting zoo, though I will try and chat her up if I see her at another event. But will it be the same, using words together?)

I pawed my way around to some of the other animals and people. I rubbed up against a really hot girl I knew. She started petting me and telling me what a pretty kitty I was. Then she noticed my tail and started pulling on it.

Oh my. She was the only one to grab my tail that day, but it was so nice. She pulled it, she pushed it, she wiggled it. I purred and rubbed against her more. She smiled and told me I was a dirty kitty, but kept playing with my tail. I put my rump in the air and mewed. It’s so wonderful being a kitty.

There were other wonderful people I snuggled. And lots of treats fed to me. But after 90 minutes I was exhausted.

I forgot my knee pads and my knees were bright red. They stayed red for over a day. They are still scabbed over as I’m writing this. I’d also forgotten sunscreen. Even though we were in the shade, I had a good burn on my shoulders. The heat was also getting to me.

And the tail. Oh that tail. The plug is a good size for me. Every time I move, it moves inside me, rubbing me. So it was kind of like being slowly fucked in the ass for 90 minutes.

And also, as much as I love attention and love being touched, 90 minutes of non-stop petting and cooing and focused attention was almost too much.

I retreated to the cabin and hid in the shower for a while. I just needed to be away from people.

But I guess that’s how real kitties are too. Sometime they run off and hide. And then, when they are ready, the come back for more.

I’m ready . . .


lumpesse said...

You were a darling kitty. I so enjoyed petting you ;)

Wendy Blackheart said...

Oooh, I met that kitty you played with again, and she let me pet her again. She was an awesome kitty.

And I had such fun playing with your tail. :) Next time, if you want, you can curl up in my lap.